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  • Connect with other new students going to study at the same university or college.
  • Discuss anything - courses, admission, scholarships, jobs and more.
  • Get advice on writing a CV/Resume, Personal statements or a PhD proposal.
  • Going overseas to study? Find out which websites to go to for quality advice on universities, courses, scholarships, using agents, visas and work opportunities during and post study.

what our students say

N.Kumar (Mussoorie): I come from a rural area in north India and will be travelling to Chennai for further studies, I did not think I would get to know any of my future classmates until the course started but now I have through this site.  Thanks. 

Nisha (New Delhi):  I am a final year BBA student and received good advice about doing my MBA from a PG student on this site which was very useful.

Satish (Bangalore): Thanks to connect2students I am now in contact with a student already at the UK university I hope to study at who is giving me advice on part time jobs and accommodation.

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