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Apr 17th

The new era of education

By Megan456

Back in the days, it was extremely troublesome for a single person to start his education while they have begun working some place, in light of the fact that it is not attainable for him to drive forward and backward from a physical campus regularly. One can, without much of a stretch, work and learn in the meantime, and still have time left to offer it to his or her social and family life. 

With direct access to each material that an individual would require over his excursion on training, a single person to make the progress he has been sitting tight for. You can undoubtedly download whatever you require, wherever you require from an online portal.

Online study courses can be finished without  going to a physical grounds of the college you are enrolled with. The academic and theory parts of the course are offered online from the earliest starting point till the end which makes education easy. With study online system you can try for different projects, for example, PHD degree program, graduate degree program, four year college education program and associate degree program with numerous choices in majors, for example, bookkeeping, law, advertising, GED. You can try for any system you deserve as per your need and inclination.

Apr 17th

Make your odds turn into your favor!

By Megan456

Online education offers a huge variant of online educational programs and it ensures that working adults, professionals and students can earn a degree to give a push to their career. For those working adults who don’t possess a degree which would help them to boost their entire career, online education offers them a unique platform where they can obtain a degree in the minimum time as compared to the time required in acquiring a degree from a traditional college. With a legit and accredited degree in hand, students and working professionals, have acquired a vital element that will help them score their dream job.


With the help of an online life experience degree, a person with no job, will never be hesitant to go through any job opportunity presented to him. Moreover, for those individuals who have years of experience on their profile, online educational institutes offer them an exclusive opportunity, an opportunity to make their experience count in the professional world. For those students or employees who carry years of working experience in any field, but don’t carry an academic degree on their resumes because they were not able to continue their educational pursuit due to certain circumstances.


Work experience along with an accredited degree is the two most important and crucial components, every single firm wants to see in their potential employee. The online life experience degree program helps job searchers to fulfill all the requirements which provides them with a much favorable probability of scoring the job than their peers who are only holding traditional degrees.


Working adults, professionals and students who enroll for these online educational programs enjoys plenty of benefits as compared to their peers who go for registration into a traditional college which is campus based.  With online life experience degree programs, the potential students don’t need to devote much of their valuable time in the linear admission process which requires a linear procedure to be followed without any exception in their rules. Whereas, online education, offer a service of open session and pre-assessment for all the interested working adults, professionals and students. Furthermore, students can select any program that they prefer, which can be according to their needs and interests!



Apr 14th

What stands out the online studies comparing with traditional education?

By waleed.moayad

Hi, I need to know the real point of differentiation regarding the online education which is prevailing so quickly in the United Arab Emirates and online study Dubai has got special emphasis mostly among the working adults when already there are a sufficient number of globally renowned institutes offering education. I heard this mode of education provides global exposure as the faculty is mostly of foreign universities and moreover the group assignments are done in multi-cultural environment under virtual groups. I also heard the degree awarded from online institutes is mostly of United States of America and has global acceptance not just in Middle East. Anyone who has experienced these claims can answer me much better. Thanks. 

Apr 14th

Planning to go for online learning

By Imam.suhailhajjar

Getting a degree in my field of interest (financial management) is what I am looking for, but it is a daunting task for me. Because when you have a full time job and a family then you can barely spare time for education. I have been working in a good FMCG company but the issue is that in time of promotions I have been ignored only on the basis of my lack of qualification. Now, I am searching for a good institute that is offering a degree in my field of interest that too, from a good university but up till now I have found that no university is offering me courses without the requirement of regular attendance in the course classes.

I have searched over the web and found out a couple of universities that are offering online degree courses in Dubai and there is no compulsory requirement of attending the classes, whenever I am free I can take the classes which suits me. Those Universities are also associated with universities of United States so I think there would be no issue regarding the degrees recognition and accreditation. But I am not sure how would I plan for this online learning as this is a new concept for me so, will be able to adopt this style of learning or I would face with any difficulties? Please guide me through this.


Apr 10th

Family, Work and now education it’s becoming too much chaotic!!

By jamesrtujilo

Hello everyone, Please help me out from this dreaded situation I am not able to cope up with pressures from work, family and education. I have been working for almost 10 years in a Sales and Distribution company and There is no proper timing of the job and I have to go for work whenever there is a need for me, Although I have been paid for it quite handsomely but still I fear that my career growth would be stagnant in the future as I don’t have a higher qualification or an appropriate degree in Sales or Marketing that would make me futile to the future days of fierce competition. So I know I have to enroll in a good university to get my degree but due to my hectic schedule it’s almost impossible for me to attend regular classes as I don’t have any spare time for it.

I have heard about online universities that are offering degree programs in different fields, and they are also offering accredited life experience degree that are awarded on the basis of only the prior work experiences, So please help me out! 

Apr 10th

I Am Hesitant to Enroll In Online Degree Program

By jamesrtujilo

I am a 35 years old male working in a big organization in US, I have experience of almost 10 to 15 years of Marketing different products and services in US as well as other regions of the world. But the problem is that I do not have a degree in Marketing and that is the only reason why at this stage of career my growth has become stagnant and there are no more promotions till I get a higher qualification. So I opted for online degree program as it would enable me to continue going on my work regularly as there would be no need to attend regular classes and my daily routine would not be disturbed.

But I am hesitant in which online degree program should I go for, I have heard about life experience degree programs that would take my experiences in to consideration and I might end up getting a degree without studying. With my experiences I think that this program would be better for me but I am not sure about its market acceptability. Although that online university is partnered up with Top US University to provide this degree but still I am quite unsure about the program and its enrollment process. If anybody knows about it then Please guide me through this.

Mar 27th

Earn College Credits And Get Online Life Experience Degree:

By bettyparker

In order to receive college credits and a degree in return of work or life experience, learners require to present a set that contains proofs of their understanding and abilities, they have attained, during their life and work experience. The set could contain videos of work related actions, like fund raising or helper work. Certificates, if attained, from any open source software learning course or through any online program, should also be included. Official papers included in set are sometimes mandatory to be confirmed from a third party. Different institutions of higher education and academies have set different rules for accepting life and work knowledge of a learner. Therefore, it is better to consult institution consultants, after preparing set of work, to make the correct decision regarding registration at a specific institution of higher education for an online life experience degree.


University consultants’ help learners in understanding that which experience change into credit for courses. The procedure of consultation with consultants might be quite lengthy and learners may need to attend more than one meeting with their consultants. Online life experience degree are vital for students and working professionals and military experts, who are enthusiastic to advance their making potential. These degree programs save every person from paying high coaching fees and save other related expenditures. Online life experience degree programs are reasonable that support working experts and busy individuals to chase their occupation objectives and move ahead in their life.

Feb 10th

Good MBA schools in UK

By Shilpa
Hi Guys, just joined this site.  Looking for recommendations for a good MBA school in the UK.  Have 3 years work experience in international firm plus 1st class BBA.  Hope to hear from someone.  
Jan 16th

Students in Ireland or Switzerland?

By Praveen
Does anyone know any students studying in Switzerland or Ireland?  Would like to contact them with some queries I have.  
Jan 13th

Indian University Rankings

By Administrator
QS Ranking have now completed their research of the top 100 Universities in the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).  

16 Indian Universities appear in this top 100 list.  The number on the left indicates the position out of 100 where the University was ranked.

13 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)
15 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)
16 Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)
17 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK)
18 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITKGP)
34 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR)
51 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG)
52 University of Calcutta
53 University of Delhi
62 University of Mumbai
64 University of Hyderabad
70 University of Madras
85 Banaras Hindu University
92 Indian Institute of Information Technology(IIIT) - Allahabad
94 University of Pune
100 Manipal Academy of Higher Education

 To see the full list of 100 top universities in BRICS as well as information about how the ranking was compiled please go to