Earn up to £250 as a Student Ambassador! is a new website and app recently launched to help students connect with each other either for a date, to find a flat or flatmate or to find a travel companion. We are looking for students across university and college campuses who are interested in doing some simple part time temporary promotion. As a Student Ambassador you would help to spread the word about the site and app and what it offers fellow students. Here are some FAQs to help you understand the role:


What do I have to do as a Student Ambassador?

As a Student Ambassador you have a target of trying to get 250 students to join the site within a 30 day period. It is up to you how you go about attracting students to join but the easiest way would be to first tell all of your friends either face to face or through Facebook or other social media. You could get your friends to “share” your Facebook postings so they in turn spread the word to their friends. You could write about it on a blog or get your student union/association to write an article about the site in their e-newsletter. Connect2Students will also send you some flyers which you could distribute around your halls of residence or give out to classmates, put on student notice boards and in coffee shops.


How many hours will I have to work?

There are no set hours as a Student Ambassador. You choose when you want to undertake promotional activities and we certainly don't want to affect your studies or course work. For most students a few posts on social media and conversations with friends to encourage them to sign up will be sufficient to get the target 250 students to join.


How will Connect2Students know how many students have joined the site through my promotion activities?

You will be given a unique voucher code which you must tell your friends to use when they join the site. Your friends and anyone else who joins the site using this voucher code will get 6 months free full membership.  Although the site is free to use basic members can only view 5 profiles and send 5 messages per day and cannot post photos other than their main profile pic.  They will also not have access to other facilities such as viewing photos in photo galleries, using chat or posting events etc so full membership is worth having.


How much will I be paid?

You will be paid £1 for each student that joins the website using a voucher code number which is unique to you. At the end of the 30 day period Connect2Students will review your unique code and calculate how many students have joined the site using your personal voucher code. You will then be asked to complete and return a claim form and you will be paid accordingly into your bank account. So if 250 students join using your code you will be paid £250! This is the maximum that will be paid even if you manage to attract more than 250 students to join within the 30 day period. If you get less you will be paid £1 multiplied by the number of students who have registered using your individual code.


Will you pay in other currencies?

For students not based in the UK we will send an international payment to your nominated bank who will exchange GBP into your own currency according to the bank's exchange rate.


How many positions are there?

There are Student Ambassador posts available on every student campus at bonafide institutions. Don't delay in applying if you are interested.


How do I apply?

First you must be a registered student at bonafide university or college and have joined Please then send an email to with your full name, address and contact number. Please also give details about what you are studying and at which institution plus why you think you are suitable to be a Student Ambassador for Applications are welcome from any student whether you are on a full time, part time or distance learning course.  


Is there a deadline for applying?

No. Recruitment will be ongoing so if you are reading this then there are still positions available.



If you have any more queries please email