STUDENT AMBASSADOR is a new social network aimed at helping students connect with each other for a variety of purposes.  


We are looking for students across campuses to work as a Student Ambassador to help promote the site and its features to students at your University or College.  


Tasks to be carried out:


1. Write and submit a short article to your student magazine about

2. Email all clubs and societies at your University to make them aware of the FREE publicity they can have on the "Events Page".  Template email will be provided.

3. Write a short review/comment on the apps for Playstore or iTunes. 

4. Use social media to promote eg a Facebook posting/message to your student friends

5. Subject to permission being granted put a few posters in your student union, academic department, student travel centre, accommodation office, counselling office. 


Further guidance will be given on the above duties to interested students.

The Student Ambassador role is open to any student but may be of particular interest to students studying English/Journalism/Marketing/Media etc and could be used as part of a project, dissertation or coursework.

Payment will be based on a competitive hourly rate for an initial fixed period of 10 hours.  This may be extended after the intitial period. 


If you are interested please email your CV/Resume/Bio data with a cover message to